Class ActiveRecord_Error


Base class for ActiveRecord exceptions

Located in /activerecord/lib/ActiveRecord/Base.php (line 15)

Direct descendents
Class Description
 class ActiveRecord_NotFoundError Thrown if a required record was not found
 class ActiveRecord_UnknownOptionError Thrown if an invalid option key is supplied
 class ActiveRecord_SubclassNotFound Thrown if a required subclass could not be found
 class ActiveRecord_UnknownPropertyError Thrown if an attempt is made to access a non-existent property
 class ActiveRecord_UnknownMethodError Thrown if an attempt is made to access a non-existent method
 class ActiveRecord_UnknownAssociationError Thrown if a reference is made to a non-existent association
 class ActiveRecord_IncorrectArgumentCountError Thrown if a call is make with an incorrect number of arguments
 class ActiveRecord_NotSaved Thrown if a record could not be successfully saved to the database.
 class ActiveRecord_ReadOnlyRecord Thrown if an attempt is made to save a read-only record
 class ActiveRecord_Invalid Thrown if a record could not be saved to the database due to validation.
 class ActiveRecord_AssociationTypeMismatch Thrown when an attempt is made to assign an invalid type to an association
Method Summary
 ActiveRecord_Error __construct ( $message)

Inherited Variables

Inherited from Exception (Internal Class)

Constructor __construct (line 19)


  • access: public
ActiveRecord_Error __construct ( $message)
  • $message

Redefinition of:
Exception::constructor __construct ( [$message = ], [$code = ], [$previous = ] )

Redefined in descendants as:

Inherited Methods

Inherited From Exception (Internal Class)

 constructor __construct ( [$message = ], [$code = ], [$previous = ] )
 getCode ( )
 getFile ( )
 getLine ( )
 getMessage ( )
 getPrevious ( )
 getTrace ( )
 getTraceAsString ( )
 __clone ( )
 __toString ( )

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