Class ActiveRecord_InfoMgr


ActiveRecord_InfoMgr is a helper class to manage meta information for active record classes. This allows information such as column mappings, associations, etc. to be gathered once per class and shared between instances.

Located in /activerecord/lib/ActiveRecord/InfoMgr.php (line 18)

Variable Summary
 static mixed $cache
Method Summary
 static ActiveRecord_MetaInfo meta_info (ActiveRecord $inst)
static mixed $cache = array() (line 22)

Associative array containing meta information keyed by class name

  • access: protected
static meta_info (line 34)

Retrieve the meta information for a class instance.

  • access: public
ActiveRecord_MetaInfo meta_info (ActiveRecord $inst)
  • ActiveRecord $inst: An instance of the ActiveRecord class to retrieve the information for. If no information is known for the class, load_meta_info is invoked on the instance.

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